Careers with Rolling Hills

Our providers are licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors, including opportunities for supervised master’s level clinicians.

Working with us means:

  • Flexibility and independence. We offer contract positions that accommodate our providers’ schedules and preferences. Clinicians decide which and how many days they work, which varies from one half-day to full time. 
  • Competitive, service-based pay. Compensation is based on services provided, giving providers control over earnings.
  • Collaboration. We tailor our onboarding process for each individual rather than using a standardized training program. This allows us to personally guide our new-hires with exactly what they need. 
  • Relationships. We have excellent collaborations with psychiatry, medical and rehab therapy teams in every facility. This multi-disciplinary approach means rewarding work not only with the clients we help but also with our teammates.
  • Efficient documentation. We developed an electronic medical record specifically for our practice that combines progress notes and billing in one streamlined process. We take care of credentialing, referrals, insurance authorizations, and billing. Our providers are responsible only for clinical services and documentation.
  • Career growth. Resident populations and facilities vary, and our clinicians naturally develop preferences. We strive to match our providers with the type of work that they most enjoy.
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